Defense News


The questioned military police service during the closing ceremony of Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade was described by the Military Police Command as follows,


1.During the closing ceremony on August 30, a citizen carried a flag into the ceremony without following the regulation of prohibited items for Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade. This person, who firstly refused to accept the advice given by police officers and volunteers on site and then insulted the military police for assistance, was carried away by police officers and military police. After the investigation held at Songshan District Police Department, this case had been given to Taipei District Prosecutors Office according to the article 140 of the criminal code, “insulting the government officer.”

2.The military police services for assisting Taipei 2017 Summer universiade are regulated according to the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Organization Act for the National Security Bureau, and Special Guard Service Act to execute their duties of the judicial police and the guard for Summer Universiade. The Military Police Command will cooperate with the judicial organ for further investigation.