Defense News


MND expressed (5th) that Chief Sergeant Yang, in 4th Reinforcing Division of Army 8th Regiment, was driving with his wife and children on his day-off at the night August 4th. They were at Ho-Ping West Rd in Wan-tan, Pingtung and suddenly, severely hit by another car driven by a hit-and-run driver, Mr Yang. They were both not drunken driving but the accident had left one son and one daughter of Chief Sergeant Yang and himself unfortunately dead, and his the other daughter was in severe condition with his wife slightly injured. The severe was brought to ICU in Kaohsiung E-DA hospital.

MND said director Fang was in very agony once he received the news. He assigned high-end officer from Army HQ to provide the family with all kinds of support. Additionally, he strongly condemned Mr Yang who caused the tragic accident along with his previous hit-and-run.

MND addressed this case would be another example to remind all military members of the horror that could be brought to person and families by car accident. It had also requested all units to re-assert the education in traffic to secure the safety of all members.