Defense News


Aiming at the news of "The Drunk-driving Airman First Class of Air Force has Crushed Three Scooters - the Female Motorcyclist is Still Waiting for Her Being Rescued from Fatal Risk" reported by the media, Air Force Command Headquarters, MND have declared that the main character of the story soldier Tang, originated from Pingtung Base, had had a car accident with some civilians on his way back to home (during the leaves) this morning (7th). The police arrived at the scene for a sobriety test, and figure of soldier Tang's blood alcohol level reached 0.24 milligrams. Aside from being sent to procurator according to the law of offence against public safety, some judicial reviews of related administrative punishments such as a discard would be taken into consideration.

Air Force Command Headquarters, MND have emphasized that they felt terribly sorry and heartbroken with regard to the self-exile deed of the officer's ignorance to the law and discipline. They have already put the case into a precedent to quote, and demanded that the preventive and disciplinary propaganda towards drunk driving be improved and developed seriously by each unit to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents.