Defense News


Ministry of National Defense has declared that the press release of Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning of People's Republic of China which had entered and departed from our Air Defense Identification Zone at four o'clock in the afternoon on July 1st and nine thirty in the evening on July 2nd, was issued by the Ministry on previous day. It was true that there had not been any abnormal actions taken towards airspace and territorial water, and that the Republic of China Armed Forces had been inspecting and mastering the movement and situation during the entire course. About the news which had been reported by the media about the condition of carrier-based aircrafts' takeoff and landing during Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning's passing through our Air Defense Identification Zone during recent days were certainly erroneous and false. In order to prevent any further unnecessary conjectures that may disrupt the peace of the country, Ministry of National Defense has reaffirmed and insisted on people's referring to the news or information announced by the Department.

Ministry of National Defense has also indicated that before Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning's going by Taiwan Strait, the Chief of General Staff Lee Hsi-min, accompanied by relevant staffs and generals, had inspected and instructed each unit to the related army operational readiness and responsive preparations for assuring the security of Taiwan Strait.