Defense News


For the report of Shao-Kang Chou of New News saying “Reserved members have become a burden of the military and no need to fall in for troops”, MND stated (18th) that the content was only a guessing and no match to the fact. It appealed to the society for not to believe the gossip.


MND indicated that reserved members would be allocated to different units in main island or outpost islands up to the draw. Reserved members would improve their experience in troops and take part in critical exercises to become part of the military capacity. Also the rescue mission is one of the duties of military and reserved members were included as formal ones.


MND addressed that in the future the arrangement for reserved members will still contain 5-week recruit training and 11-week troop engagement. There was no plan to make them “No need to fall in for troops and only waiting for discharge in compartment”. MND expected news media should have done the verification whilst editing and been objective for not to mislead the society.