Defense News


MND said (17th) that due to the lingering frontal surface which might cause torrential rainfall, MND had set up Level-2 response centre at 1100 in the morning. Chief of the Staff General, General Lee, ordered units to be prepared and stand by for any emergency.


MND indicated that the number of soldiers standing by was around 18,000 with 3,900 vehicles and motorboats of 39 types. The communication officers were stationed at each region and area to collect the information actively for better deployment. All tools and instrument were ready, and there were 35 soldiers with eight vehicles from the 4th Battle Group. People in those vulnerable areas such as Namasia, Taoyuan, and Liouguei in Kaohsiung were asked to be evacuated.


MND addressed the weather forecast given by Central Weather Bureau said Taiwan was still under the impact of the frontal surface. The military would keep its information up-to-date and react if necessary. Each battle group was assigned to complete the preparation for rescue.