Defense News


MND (5th) stated that to support the damaged area to recover, the military had deployed 353 men with 34 vehicles on June 5th for totally 13 townships in Keelung, Taipei, Changhua, Yunlin, Nantou and Kaohsiung. They had finished cleaning 5.5 tonnes of muddy soil and rocks, 749 tonnes of debris, 136.6 kilometres of road, and sanitising 17.4 square kilometres of area.


MND said the 3rd Battle Group had offered 200 plus men and numbers of kinds of tools to aid Sanzhi, Shimen, and Jinshan in New Taipei City and Anle in Keelung to clean the mud and extract the water. Director Feng also went to those areas to collect the latest information and thanked all members for the effort.


Besides, by the time 2000 on June 5th, the total number of deployed soldiers was 2,797 with 386 vehicles. There were 491 people evacuated, 1 tonne of supplies transported, 113.53 tonnes of muddy soil and rocks, 813.82 tonnes of debris and 145.8 kilometres of road cleaned, 17.4 square kilometres of area sanitised and 9.49 million gallons of water extracted. The military had been actively working on recovery to bring normal livelihood back.