Defense News


MND press release

MND (4th) said the recent seasonal rainfall in Taiwan had caused a number of damage. The military would not only improve the preparation but also provide those in need with more troops, expecting people’s livelihood back to normal shortly.


MND indicated that Director Feng had inspected the response centre this morning and apart from thanking the personnel for the effort he specifically requested the priority of safety of all military members. The Chief of the General Staff, General Lee, headed to the response centre to debrief the weather forecast and recovery situation. He ordered the centre to be downgraded to normal level in consistence with the central government and all units to maintain the recovery works.


Additionally, by the time 2000 on June 4th, the military had deployed 2,444 men with 350 vehicles to assist cleaning 108.03 tonnes of muddy soil and rocks, 64.8 tonnes of debris, extracting 9.49 million gallons of water and evacuating 491 people.


The next day (5th) deployment would contain 308 men with 24 vehicles to carry out the work as follows:

  1. 3rd Battle Group: 173 men with 14 vehicles to support the recovery works in Keelung and Taipei.
  2. 4th Battle Group: 9 men with 3 vehicles to assist the recovery works in Kaohsiung.
  3. 5th Battle Group: 126 men with 7 vehicles to aid the recovery works in Changhua, Yunlin and Nantou.


MND addressed that the collaboration with local government would continue to put the effort in recovery and rescue missions. And the frontal surface was only depleted that it was not yet to lower down the guard.