Defense News


MND (2nd) stated that in the face of seasonal rainfall in Taiwan, MND had completed the preparation of level-2 response centre at 1330 (The northern division, 3rd Battle Group, had been ready on 0900). Chief of the General Staff, General Lee, had asked each battle group should complete the preparation in case of any emergent situation and to secure the livelihood.

MND indicated that the number of men standing by was around 36,000 with totally 3,600 armour vehicles and rescue tools of 19 kinds. There were also 105 rubber boats set. Each designated region had been given communicating officers who were in charge of collecting information and as bridges between the military troops and local government to response in real time.

MND addressed that Central Weather Bureau had offered its prediction of southbound movement of the frontal surface. The military would keep all information up-to-date and request all units standing by and following their plans.