Defense News


To elevate the performance of education of civil defense MND held “2017 2nd Study Group of Civil Defense Camp at Spratly Islands” aligned with Navy’s reconnaissance task in South China Sea. The 2nd Group was composed of Tamkang University, National Taipei University, and Nanhua University with totally 18 graduates and professors who were carried by Navy’s La-Fayette class warship through the 9-day course to the end on May 17. Ahead of the voyage General Chen from Political Warfare Office handed over the flag on behalf of Director of MND to encourage the graduates and crew.

During the course MND arranged training sessions such as sailing experience, military history and Strategy at South China Sea with invited Professor Ta-Chung Li from Tamkang University giving a lesson about the safety of South China Sea. It was to provide a chance to experience Navy’s reconnaissance tasks over the promotion of the patriot spirit. After landing the tour started with visiting the air force division, navy weather station and coast guard units. Meanwhile through the campaign “Solute to Great Ones” the group showed their respects to thank all units stationing on the island. Also the tour had activities such as tree planting, coast clearing, and creative word-showing along with inheriting “Time capsules” to set a token as spirit of sustainability.

As coming back to Taiwan the division HQ held a ceremony to offer “Sailing Certificate”. The “Re-con task to South” this time has made all participants understand the importance and determination of national defense. MND said the relevant activities would continue to build a cohesive society over the spirit of civil defense.