Defense News


Two Perry class frigates, PFG-1112 and PFG-1115, were procured from US and both have sailed into Zhouying harbor on March 13 since 60 plus days ago in US.

Navy HQ said two warships, named after Ming Chuan and Feng Jia, were two US Perry class warships called Taylor (USS Taylor FFG-50) and Gary (USS Gary FFG-51). They have successfully passed the tests of US Navy to be the superior warships and they both are compatible with Taiwan’s warship in weapon systems. Additionally two sets of SQR-19 sonar system are still packed with them which can provide Taiwan’s Navy with advantage.

Navy HQ indicated that designated crew had been assigned to US in May 2016 and endured the training for 10 months. The project was going well in progress and all crew had managed to successfully pass the tough tests along with US compliment. Later two warships would officially join the Navy and commence their service once the final inspection was completed.

Navy HQ addressed that to secure the stability and safety of Taiwan Strait is the first duty and honor of Navy force. It is Navy’s hope that people are willing to show their support for procurement in national defense which ensures the maritime safety of Taiwan. The Navy force will also maintain its discipline and loyalty to stay sharp in capacity.