Defense News


The Ministry of National Defense has made further statement on the case of spying crime”, with the relevant statement below,

1.    Our unit has found a suspicious member in attempting to approach Mr. Hsieh, and made report to the national security unit. 

2. After investigation, Mr. Hsieh has been suspected to make contact with the Chinese military person, and was awarded for free trips over to the third place for traveling during 2009 and 2010. However he has not had any traveling record since August 20, 2010. 

3. Our unit has been sensitive in any suspected cases of Chinese military, which has made Mr. Hsieh to the military army commander department as the associate commander to Ma-Tzu on Jan 01, 2017. 
Currently Mr Hsieh is transferred to the army commanding officer during the investigation period, in which the investigation results awaits.


4. In regards to this specified case, the Ministry of national defense have been well prepared in terms of all the classified data checkup, in which risk management formalities are activated, to well implement all safeguard measures.