Defense News


The Ministry of national defense has stated today (9th), that the Chinese Intelligence Agency is suspected to assimilate one particular person, who tried to make contact with a current Major General, Mr. Hsieh to spy on national classified and develop spy-opponent organization”. The Ministry of National defense has forwarded and proactively control the relevant trail, looking in cooperating with national safety unit to forward this case to Kaohsiung district local court for further investigation. As this case is now in the jurisdiction process, base on the principle of non-openness, our unit is currently working with the investigation unit for thorough understanding.


The Ministry of National defense has reinforced that, as the current national security is getting vigorous, the national military base on the anti-spy-penetration will not be anywhere tolerated. Our unit will be working base on this case, in continuation of service members vigil surveillance. Once any unlawful cases have been found, immediate actions will be taken. Vigorous safety control and all other reinforcement measures along with collaborative defense functions will be activated to achieve effective secrecy measures and anti-spy works, all are well implemented to ensure national safety.