Defense News


In regards to the case of “military service male in violating the target training are being punished according to the law”, the Army No. 10th commander has stated today (7th), that this trainee Mr. Wu from our department on traveling military service training has received live ammunition training during early March this year (2017), that he disobeyed proper discipline, without listening to the order from his commander, and faught with other solders. After the department has proceed with administrative investigation, he was being charged with “in violation with stuffs responsibility” and “offenses of causing bodily harm”, a letter has been released to Taichung military service for further investigation, abiding with the principle of “criminal law and punishment are executed in parallel”, Mr. Wu has been grounded for 7 days as a result of punishment.


The No. 10th military has stated that there are few military service men who were unable to obey the proposed law, with sometimes a few acts of out of order. With regret, certain punishment will be executed abiding to the current military law, but also this has become an example to reinforce the importance of military practice education, to practice serious discipline manner.