Defense News


Air Force Command Headquarter today the 20th has indicated, their rescue team on yesterday the 19th in 1910 hour has received the order by Ministry of National Defense, to dispatch helicopter S-70C (serial no:7018) to go to open sea of Donggang to execute rescue mission of our national fisherman laborer who has been stabbed by a Stingray, after arriving at the target zone, to immediately implement rescue effort, afterward to smoothly deliver the wounded person to Chiayi Airport, to be transferred to the nearby Chiayi Branch, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, in order to complete the rescue mission.

Air Force Command Headquarter has emphasized, Air Force rescue team upholding the spirit of concern “When other is hungry, you'll hungry; when other is drown, you’ll drown as well”, everyday 24 hours no rest the whole year waiting to implement different rescue mission, to fully display the fervency of our soldier in loving and helping the people and the compassionate flight effort of rescue with humane spirit, at here to appeal to our people to grant more support and encouragement to our Air Force rescue team.