Defense News


Aiming at the media press “the lease of remaining a few military village rebuilding households has National Defense Agency become deceived on account of its generosity.  The principal tenants earn the price difference, where is the management”.  The explanation of National Defense Agency is as follows:

  1. Since there was sale restriction policy over the state-owned land before the reconstruction of base residence in Taipei and New Taipei metro areas controlled by Political Warfare Bureau resulting in idle assets, the lease was managed in accordance with “Guidelines for the Lease Tender of New Residence from Old Military Village Rebuilding and Lease Management” to  vitalize the assets.

Regarding the “sublease of tenant “Gancheng Village I Reconstruction Base” in Taipei City, there was one sublease found according to the checking results dated on April 12, 2017.  In addition to termination of the lease agreement and collection of the premise, a fine will also be imposed in accordance with article 12 of the lease agreement.  In the future, the Agency will check the conditions of leased residences periodically to avoid occurrence of similar event again.