Defense News


For the protest of Mr. Cheng living in Hsinfeng Township against military exercises at Army Hukou base, Army 6th Regiment said (27th) that the land expropriation at Hsinfeng Township was legitimately completed in 1996 and all relevant landlords were well compensated. By law the compensation cannot be replicated but Mr. Cheng has been steaming a few local people for protest. The Regiment is deeply sorry for it but also condemned their misbehavior.

Army 6th Regiment indicated the proposal of Mr. Cheng that the price of land expropriation was unfair has been discussed for multiple times and proved legally unreasonable. In addition since 2000 the Armor Training Command has spent over 140 million on neighborhood campaign by “Principles of Neighborhood Campaign as the Impact of Military Training Sites and Oil and Ammunition Storage Areas”. It has been improving living conditions and development and well supported by the locals.

Army 6th Regiment addressed that it is its core value to create friendship among neighborhood to show the warm attitude of military. It would continue to communicate with Mr. Cheng for better good and win-win situation and hope the society and communities in favor of military needs to strengthen the power of national defense.