Defense News


According to Article 31 in National Defense Act MND should submit its “2017 Report – Total Reflection on Four-Year Progress of National Defense” to Diplomatic and National Defense Committee in Legislative Yuan on March 16th. This is the 3rd announcement and this version is to personify the President’s ideal of national defense through solid policies and strategies and to instruct the future work in national defense and preparedness. Additionally regular reflection on four-year progress of national defense is a critical token of transparency and civil solidarity in national defense issue.

The outline of “2017 Report – Total Reflection on Four-Year Progress of National Defense” contains 7 chapters such as “Strategic environment”, “Strategic instruction”, “Integration of combat ability”, “Reform in national defense”, “National defense industry”, “People protection operation” and “Cooperation of allies”. Firstly considering the future challenge facing our country, there are 5 strategic goals whose relevant measures are clearly stated by columns including “Protection of national security”, Establishment of professional Force”, “Achievement of self-sufficient national defense”, “Defending people’s good” and “Support in regional stabilization”. MND has proposed military strategy “Solid defense with multiple layers” and promoted three core subjects for national defense industry, i.e. aerospace, naval vessels and IT. There are other issues also highlighted in national defense development such as enhancing IT combat ability, refining the acquisition of weapons, improving reputation and realizing welfare and care for brothers bound in green.

The reflection report is an instruction and a direction for future reform and response in the face of gradually complicating strategic environment. The Force is always dedicated to refining itself to build up a strong power to defend the stability and sustainability for national development.