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For the issue that “Taiwan Association of Retired Military Members” submitted its statement on pension reform to MND, MND addressed (11th) that it can understand their opinion on the specialty of military services such as preparation and practice in war drill for national security. On the basis of MND’s policies to take care of retired military members and their families and protect the rights of active members, it has gained isolation for the issue in “National Pension Reform Committee” amid the commitment of the lawmakers and President. During the research MND has kept exchanging opinions from different groups and parties and held interpretation meetings to collect all sorts of perspectives on pension reform.

MND emphasized that it certainly understands the specialty and significant contribution of military services. The pension reform is now in the stage of research and discussion and MND is definitely keen to earn the reasonable rights for active and retired members and their families, whereas it is appealing to all retired members to be calm and rational that based on the love to the country and Force no one should believe the untrue rumors and MND requests everyone’s support to be united for better good.