Defense News


Air Force HQ indicated (21) that as the chief officer was patrolling in CCK air base yesterday (20th) morning several small packs of drug-like unknown white powder and one inhaler were found. The air base immediately called the Military Police for investigation and chemical identification and all members in the air base went through urinary tests which were still ongoing. The unknown powder was identified as Amphetamine and Ketamine at least. All evidence had been transported to MP’s criminal investigating center for chemical examination and the HQ had submitted its full cooperation to this case.

Air Force HQ addressed there is now a specific case-based team heading to the air base to support the investigation on the drug source. The Wing Commander took the lead of other chief officers to go through the urinary test as a determination on anti-drug. The highest principle is “no mercy” to clear all suspicious evidence and bring them to justice. The HQ has also ordered all other units to fortify the control on gateway to purify the forces with strict search and anti-drug campaign.