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MND press release to promote “2017 Tour of MND Military Band” (February 20th, 2017)

MND Military Band held a yearly concert in national theater on Feb 20th 2017 at 1930 to show the precious fruit. It was a demonstration of the band and the performance of volunteer recruitment to let people know and understand this special team.

The band not only shows up at critical ceremony but also holds yearly concert to demonstrate their talent. In this performance the famous conductors, Professor Yu-Piao Hou and Lien-Chang Kuo, were invited to conduct the band, and Professor Ting-Yu Wu of National Symphony Orchestra was also invited to be the Emeritus Chairman. The band leader, Lieutenant Colonel Hao-Yun Tung, and the co-leader, Major Hao-Lin Chen, together orchestrated the performance to another professional level.

There are two types of bands including wind band and orchestra to present the music in the first and second half. To give more opportunity to volunteer members it is arranged that Private Huang who won the contest in the band will have a solo with wind band to perform a concerto of “Sheng”. In addition this year is the 80th anniversary of Marco Polo Bridge Incident and to remember the brave ancestors fighting for homeland in blood there will be classic tracks of “Combination of WWII” in the first half and in the second half the orchestra will perform Chapter 4 in Symphony No.9 (Beethoven) with vocalists such as Tzu-Yin Lin, Jo-Pei Weng, Chien-Chi Lin, and Yu-Hsi Wu-Pai and choir from Taipei Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. The concert is expected to be full of surprise.

The concert was the first show of the band’s tour this year. To promote the musical education and interaction between people and military members MND Military Band will continuously hold multiple concert and everyone is welcome to pay a visit. For more information please call: 02-25338306



Schedule of 2017 Tour of MND Military Band




Type of the band


April 12th (Wed) at 1930

Northern Miaoli Art Center



 April 18th (Tue) at 1930

Ya-Yin building in National Tainan University

Wind band


April 20th (Thu) at 1930

Zhongli Arts Hall 

 Wind band