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Air Rescue Team got involved in rescuing mission to relieve the wounded of a fishing boat from Okinawa.

MND said (17th) it received the information from NRCC at 1505 that one Indonesian crew was in sudden apoplexy on a fishing boat called “Feng Long Yi” which asked for help of helicopters.

Once MND received the information it ordered one aircraft S-70C (No. Z-493) in Zhihang air base to take off. The assigned aircraft took off at 1636 and reached the target area at 86 nautical-mile south-east from the base at 1723 to start the hanging process. It finished the hanging at 1727 and returned to the base at 1808 in Zhihang air base. The patient had been immediately transported to Taitung Mackay Hospital by Taitung Fire Department as mission accomplished.