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MND press material for the 1st routine press conference in February

Time: 2017/2/14 1000

 Interpretation for exercises “Wanan No.40” and “Minan No.3” as well as “Inquiring system for the reserved members”

Ⅰ.”Wanan No.40” (Joint exercise of military and civil air defense)

1.Bases: Article 5 and 21 in Civil Defense Act and Article 11, 13 and 14 in The Implementing Regulation on Air-raid Practice

2.Purpose: Raise the alert to enemy activities and familiar with the responses for air defense to be fully prepared and reduce the harm to save lives and properties.

3.Arrangement: From February to May, there are 7 regions as northern, central, southern, and eastern parts as well as Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu. There will be pre-information this year and different time for different region. From 1330 to 1400 the exercise will contain message delivery, alarm set, clearance on the roads, traffic control and rescue simulation.

Ⅱ.“Minan No.3” (National civil mobilization and rescue practice)

1.Bases: Article 3, 6 and 13 in All-out Defense Mobilization Readiness Act and Article 15 and 34 in Disaster Prevention and Protection Act

2.Purpose: With the systems of mobilized national guard and disaster prevention and protection, the resources of central and local government and the capacity of military and civil are going to be integrated to support the emergent responses and aggregate the consensus of national defense and security.

3.Plans: The exercise will go with Executive Yuan’s “Disaster prevention and protection exercise”. In this year 6 municipalities and 5 counties will carry it out in 1-day duration that includes “Modelling” and “General practice” specific to potential disaster features in each jurisdiction.


1. Modelling: The Mayor of each municipal or county will be the chief commander in association with bureaus, military, public and private organization to simulate complex situations of earthquake, storm disasters and floods and to practice the ability of responding to emergencies.

2. General practice: The Mayor of each municipal or county will be the chief commander in association with public and private units, voluntary groups and military troops to carry out the real responses with “real personnel, real objects, real venues and real actions” according to the conclusion of modelling in order to examine the validity of responding plans.

Ⅲ.Features of 2017 exercises

1. In exercise “Wanan No.40” NPA will test the “mobile texting system” in accordance with the alarm system of air defense during the exercise.

2. In exercise “Minan No.3” Taipei city and National Security Office of Executive Yuan will implement anti-terrorist exercise for 2017 Taipei Universiade, including modelling on March 29th and general practice on 30th.

3. In exercise “Minan No.3” all counties involved in will invite guests and/or VIPs from states with diplomatic ties (including Sister cities) for joint view.

4. Inquiring system for the reserved members

1. Within 8 years after discharged, those reserved members will receive “Notice of Mobilization” once every year and “Recalling Order” once every two years; the “Notice of Mobilization” of this year (2017) would be delivered tomorrow (15th). Please every reserved member preserve it well.

2. The recall in this year is arranged and commenced from March 4th to December 20th. The “Recalling Order” of each block will be delivered 40 days before the recalling day (those for the first block have been delivered before Jan 23rd). But for the yearly critical exercise (e.g. Tong-sin Exercise) or failed delivery the police will help to complete the delivery 10 days before the recalling day.

3. For the convenience of the reserved members, the “Inquiring System” has been launched that it is accessible by the QR Code in “Notice of Mobilization” or the link to homepage in which there are two inquiring ways, “personal detail” or “Citizen Digital Certificate”. Once the detail such as ID number, birth date, household registration have been given the information for yearly mobilization, units, rally points and date will be shown.

4. Considering those reserved members not living at the address registered that causes the failed delivery, the reserved command center in each county has started a service of changing the living address for “Recalling Order”. The addresses of offices or rented houses are all acceptable.

 5. If the reserved members have any inquiry, please feel free to call the 0800 free service line or go to the reception desk of the reserved command center in each county.

The phone number of the reserved command center in each county

















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Free service call: 0800-202-125、0800-077-775