Defense News


Regarding news reports that “a Dongyin soldier was stripped off pants by colleagues”, the Dongyin Area Command has said on December 17 that the Ministry of National Defense has established an ad hoc group for investigation upon being reported, and that the Ministry will address this issues based on the principle of justice and fairness, take this case seriously, hold relevant persons accountable and bring the case to justice.

Dongyin Area Command pointed out that its affiliating soldier Mr. Pan and other five retired soldiers were suspected of frolic in the camp in March this year, and the process was filmed and transmitted through smart phone; after ascertaining the facts by interviewing the soldiers of that unit and retirees, it finds that those six colleagues get along, and that there is no such thing as bullying colleagues.

Dongyin Area Command has stressed that those frolic behavior did not hurt the party’s minds and body, however, those behaviors are inappropriate and has done harm to the image and honor of the agency. Therefore, the Ministry will hold relevant persons and cadres accountable and responsible; besides, it will improve the internal management and information security management so as to avoid the recurrence of similar cases.