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The 8th Army Corps Command expressed today (12th) that, regarding the report on the improper discipline and sexual harassment perpetrated by a Major, surnamed Chow, of the 564th Armor Brigade, the unit had promptly launched an administrative investigation and called for a disciplinary hearing after receiving the report. Regarding the inappropriate disciplinary actions, the perpetrator will receive punishment of two demerit points and transfer to other unit. In addition, a “Sexual Harassment Complaint Handling Committee” was established. The sexual harassment was verified after review, and the perpetrator received a punishment of one major demerit point, as well as disqualification from military service by April 16, 2017.

The 8th Army Corps Command will respect the judicial ruling, and the case will be made into a case study to strengthen education and reinforce the correct concepts of appropriate discipline so as to ensure military discipline and prevent similar incidents from recurring.