Defense News


Regarding the “Video Insinuation of ROC Naval Academy Students Sex on Campus” circulated on the social media network, the ROC Naval Academy expressed today (2nd) that, the Academy had immediately formed an investigation task force after receiving feedback. After numerous inspections of the footage, the task force has yet to confirm the background as the dormitory room of the Academy. Furthermore, the insinuated students had denied being in the film. The Academy shall adopt a prudent and responsible attitude in continuing the investigation. Should investigations reveal the case to be factual, the students involved would be subject to punishments pursuant to the “Student Reward and Punishment Regulations”.


The ROC Naval Academy further expressed that, after dialogue sessions with the insinuated students, the students are now receiving counseling from the Student Counseling Center due to the psychological pressure. The Academy firmly declared that, regarding the circulation of the sex video through the social media network, the student, surnamed Chen, will be charged with defamation, pursuant to Clause 2, Article 310 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of China, “A person who points out or disseminates a fact which will injure the reputation of another for purpose that it be communicated to the pubic”. If the footage is filmed without consent, the perpetrator filming or disseminating the video will be in violation of “Obstruction of Privacy” stated in Clause 2, Article 315-1 and Clause 3, Article 315-2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of China, and “Dissemination of Obscene Material” stated in Clause 1, Article 235 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of China. The ROC Naval Academy urges students not to violate the law.