Defense News


The Ministry of National Defense expressed today (26th) that, the Ministry had received a report from the National Rescue Command Center at 2033 hours tonight that the Indian captain of Hong Kong cargo ship, “Ocean Sapphire”, located 20 nautical miles west of Kaohsiung Port, had lost consciousness due to unknown reasons. Requiring immediate medical attention, the ship had requested the military to assist in the personnel transport.

After receiving the report, the Ministry had ordered the EC-225 helicopter (K-493) in Chiayi Air Base to execute the transport mission. Taking off at 2058 hours, the helicopter arrived at target area at 2123 hours, and began suspension-lifting operation. Completing the lifting operation at 2204 hours, the helicopter left for Kaohsiung International Airport and arrived at 2214 hours. The patient was then transferred to Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital via the Kaohsiung City Fire Bureau ambulance, thus concluding the rescue mission successfully.