Defense News


Regarding the internet discussion on the recent self-injury incident in camp, the Penghu Defense Command issued a statement clarifying that:

  1. After the marriage of personnel surnamed Wang on September 9, the information was only disclosed on his personal Facebook. The personnel did not inform his colleagues in the unit.
  2. The approval of the 14-day marriage leave was not within the authority of the Company Commander, so it was transferred to the Battalion office. On October 19, the marriage leave from November 24 to December 8 was approved.
  3. The Penghu Defense Command has established a task team to synchronize the collection of suspicions of the military and the public and to integrate the suggestions from different levels. The case will be handled in the principle of not allowing wronging or connivance, and will not shelter any wrongdoings.

The Penghu Defense Command stressed that the case is currently under judicial investigation and Penghu Defense Command will offer full cooperation in the investigations, as well as assist the family in organizing the funeral matters. Regarding the rumors, Penghu Defense Command will list the rumors for investigation and conduct reviews for improvement. However, before the case is completely investigated, the Command will not speculate or comment on the case.