Defense News


In commemoration of the 105th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China, the Ministry of National Defense expressed today (10th) that, the Ministry has planned for the “Joint Armed Forces Military Band and Honor Guard” and the “R.O.C. Army Academy War Drum Band” to perform in the “Prelude Performance” and “Heroism amidst Wind and Rain”. The performance items will be in line with the planning of the National Day Celebration Organizing Committee and offer both aerial and ground parades to create a joyous and celebratory National Day atmosphere. At the same time, the events will highlight the efforts of the military in disaster prevention, demonstrate the military might and show their determination in ensuring national defense. The events will also inspire the morale and strengthen public consensus for defending national security.


The Ministry of National Defense further pointed out that, in the 2016 National Day Celebrations, the details of the two performance items of “Prelude Performance” and “Heroism amidst Wind and Rain” will be as follows:

  1. Prelude Performance (0925 AM to 0941 AM and 0947 AM to 0959 AM)

The prelude will be performed by the 455 members of the Joint Armed Forces Military Band and Honor Guard (170 Band members and 285 Honor Guards) and the123 students from the R.O.C. Army Academy War Drum Band.

Firstly, integrating elements of baseball into the performances, the Joint Armed Forces Military Band and Honor Guard will perform 5 songs related to baseball, “Charge of the Defenders”, “Marching Forth Again”, “Rainbow”, “Song of the Island”, and “Order of the Heroic”. The items also present new designed march formations and weapon performances to convey the efforts and perseverance of the military and sports athletes in winning honor for the country and their selfless contributions.

Following that, the R.O.C. Army Academy War Drum Band will present their hundred-strong war drum performance complemented with the war banner performance in 3 items, “Universal Celebrations”, “Our Military Might”, and “Rolling Thunder”. The thunderous presence of the drums demonstrates the faith of overcoming difficulties together and perseverance in face of difficulties. At the same time, through the rapid change of the steady and distinct rhythms, the performances also signify youthful vitality and demonstrate passion in defending national security.


  1. Heroism amidst Wind and Rain (1050 AM to 1116 AM)

The performance this time involves participation from various forces, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force. 8 Gyroplanes and 90 vehicles of different varieties will be deployed in the parade in front of the Assembly Podium to demonstrate the military efforts in disaster prevent and combat readiness. Details are as follows:

  1. Aerial Parade:

The participating forces are comprised of the National Airborne Service Corps (Ministry of the Interior), Air Force, and Aviation and Special Forces Command (Army), and 8 helicopters of 4 varieties will be deployed by the military in the parade. Details are as follows:

  1. 1 Air Force EC-225 Rescue Helicopter
  2. 2 Air Force S-70C Rescue Helicopter
  3. 3 Army UH-1H General-Use Helicopter
  4. 2 Army CH-47SD Transportation Helicopter
  1. Ground Parade:

Participating forces are comprised of meritorious personnel in rescue operations, vehicles, equipment and organized into 3 batches of hero batch, rescue teams, and military rescue equipment, described in detail as follows:

  1. Hero Batch: 180 meritorious personnel who have participated in the rescue operations of TransAsia aircraft accident, 0206 Tainan earthquake, Typhoon Nepartak and Typhoon Meranti
  2. Rescue Teams: Comprised of specialized rescue forces, such as Special Forces, Engineer Group (including life detectors), Chemical Warfare Group (including gas disinfection equipment), Marine Corps (including rubber boats), numbering a total of 108 personnel
  3. Military Rescue Equipment: Comprised of 90 vehicles and machinery from 14 varieties, including the NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle, multi-functional engineering vehicle, and Marine Corp AAVP-7 amphibious assault vehicles
    1. 24 Medium Tactical Wheel Vehicles
    2. 6 Rear Spotlight Vehicles
    3. 6 Mobile Digital Radio Wave Vehicles
    4. 3 Satellite Terminal Vehicles
    5. 6 NBC Reconnaissance Vehicles
    6. 6 Heavy Sterilization Vehicles
    7. 2 3000-Gallon Clean Water Vehicles
    8. 6 Multi-Functional Engineering Vehicles
    9. 6 721F Bulldozers
    10. 1 M322 Wheel Excavators
    11. 2 329DL Tread Excavators
    12. 4 M3 Amphibious Rigs
    13. 9 CM33 Wheel Tanks (Clouded Leopard)
    14. 9 AAVP7 Amphibious Assault Vehicles

The 2016 National Day Parade is an important national event. As the defenders of national security, the military is deeply honored by the opportunity to partake in this event while the participating military personnel have all worked tirelessly in a joyous mood to play their part in this event. We believe that we will be able to demonstrate our strong military might achieved through our training in front of the international dignitaries and our people.