Defense News


Regarding the media report of “Military Ship Reparation Fraud Exposed, Prosecutors Conduct Investigation into Ships and Summoned Many for Questioning”, the Navy Command Headquarters (Navy CHQ) expressed today (4th) that, Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office has assigned prosecutors armed with warrants to conduct investigation in the Zuoying area and summoned many involved personnel for questioning. The Navy Command Headquarters will cooperate fully with the prosecutors in the investigation.

The Navy Command Headquarters stressed that, “Eliminating Corruption and Fraud, Conducting Administration in Accordance with Regulations” has always been the effort and objective of the military operations. The Navy CHQ will abide by the principle of “Ensuring fair treatment for the innocent while not letting go of the guilty” in the cooperation with the prosecutor investigation. If there are any violations, punishment will be meted out accordingly. In future, the Navy CHQ will continue to strive for reforms to eliminate bad practices so as to protect the integrity of military honor