Defense News


Regarding the media report of “Navy Ordered to Compensate for Termination of Contract for Magnetic Station Equipment Maintenance and Procurement in Verdict” in the Want Weekly magazine, the Navy Command Headquarters expressed today (28th) that, the tender for “Magnetic Station Equipment Maintenance and Procurement” was won by Nan-Dao Engineering Corp. on July 28th 2010. In accordance with the verdict numbered 0990385 in 2010, the tender organizing agency revoked the tender qualification of Nan-Dao Engineering Corp. and terminated the contract. Refusing to accept the verdict, Nan-Dao Engineering Corp. made an appeal which was then rejected by the Public Construction Commission in verdict numbered 100081 in 2011. Nan-Dao Engineering Corp. then filed an administrative litigation case in 2012 which was also rejected by the Taipei High Administrative Court.

The Navy Command Headquarters expressed that, Nan-Dao Engineering Corp. filed a civil litigation case at the Taipei District Court on July 10th 2012 to claim compensation from the navy for the losses. The Navy has expressed its respects for this claim and has commissioned lawyers to legal actions to ensure the rights of the Navy.

The Navy Command Headquarters stressed that, the military has conducted all procedures in the case in accordance with the regulations and the case is currently under legal investigation. Regarding the misrepresentation of facts in the report by Want Weekly, the report is more of a personal attack nature and the Navy Command Headquarters reserves the right of legal recourse.