Defense News


The Ministry of National Defense expressed today (27th) that, due to the coming of the “Typhoon Megi”, the military has prepared an estimated 35,315 military personnel on standby, and 36 categories of various equipment including 14 aircrafts, 111 boats, 282 armored vehicles, 2,153 wheeled vehicles, 1,301 engineering machinery, numbering a total of 3,861 equipment, machinery and vehicles. In addition, in order to execute mountain area rescue operations, the Aviation and Special Forces Command of the R.O.C. Army has also completed the deployment and organization of 21 special forces teams, comprising a total of 122 military personnel in advance to take up positions in 15 areas such as Wulai District in New Taipei City, Nan'ao Township in Yilan County, Xinyi Township in Nantou County, Namasia District in Kaohsiung City, to ensure rescue operations can be immediately conducted when required.

The Ministry indicated that, the R.O.C Armed Forces have assisted in the evacuation of 1,121 refugees and placed 2,520 sandbags in 19 areas such as Wulai District in New Taipei City, Fuxing District in Taoyuan City, Jianshi Township in Hsinchu County, Xinshe District in Taichung City, Xinyi Township in Nantou County, Nanhua District in Tainan, Jiasian District in Kaohsiung City, Laiyi Township and Linbian Township in Pingtung County. As of 26th, a total of 8,257 military personnel have been deployed, evacuating 2,370 people and placed a total of 11,690 sandbags.

The Ministry stressed that, the military shall continue to keep abreast of the latest changes of the Typhoon Megi, and ensure high awareness for the deployment of military personnel in any future rescue operations. Under the preconditions of ensuring safety, the military personnel will be deployed as soon as the weather allows, so as to assist local efforts in maintaining and cleaning the landscape, and to allow the people to resume their normal lives as soon as possible.