Defense News


Regarding the media report on the incident of “Colonel Caught Leaving Sick Child Unattended for Tryst”, the Air Force Command Headquarters expressed today (26th) that, after the administrative investigation launched by the military unit, the evidence are verified and the perpetrator has admitted to his infractions. A Personnel Review Committee Meeting was launched against the violator, surnamed Tung, to mete out a punishment of 2 minor demerit points and 1 major demerit point in accordance with the “Armed Forces Punishment Act” and the personnel will be subject to review for the inappropriateness of continued military service and disqualification.

The Air Force Command Headquarters stressed that, the Command Headquarters expresses regret that one of its personnel is unable to maintain good self-conduct and observe the proprieties in affairs pertaining to relationships. The Command Headquarters will continue to make use of all educational opportunities to strengthen military discipline to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.