Defense News


Regarding the media report on the incident of “Military Personnel Expresses Self-Injury Negative Comments on Facebook”, the Aviation and Special Forces Command expressed today (24th) that, the Sergeant, surnamed Yang, from 602 Air Cavalry Brigade of the Aviation and Special Forces Command was assigned on guard duty at 0018 AM and had expressed negative and suicidal comments in a burst of emotions. After learning of the comments, the military unit immediately organized search teams and notified his family. At 0146 AM, Yang was found in the vicinity of the plant sheds. Although he was conscious and had no visible injuries, the military unit assigned officers to accompany him to the Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital for checkup due to safety considerations. Preliminary diagnosis showed that Yang had suffered fractures in the second vertebrae of the lumbar vertebrae, and he is currently hospitalized.

The Aviation and Special Forces Command indicated that the reasons for the incident is currently under investigation by a task force and the case will be used as a case study to strengthen the psychological guidance of the military personnel to effectively help them in relieving stress and thus, preventing similar incidents from happening.