Defense News


For the incident “People pleaded compassion for soldiers showering at a school but condemned by a School Drill Officer”, Kinmen Defense division has the explanation as follows:

After the typhoon Meranti, most communities and military bases in Kinmen were cut off power and water supply. County Mayor Chen showed his sympathy for all hard-working soldiers and opened 5 locations of public-serving units with shower rooms, including Kinmen vocational high school.

All soldiers followed the arrangement of Kinmen County Hall to take a shower; however, due to the poor communication second batch of soldiers were denied by the on-duty School Drill Officer with improper language. Principal Liu felt very sorry to us and reflected himself because all soldiers and the School Drill Officer are both in this military big family. We understand the duty of the School Drill Officer to keep the campus safe, which was an unintentional mistake for this time, and Kinmen Defense division would keep improving the livelihood quality for all soldiers.

Kinmen Defense division re-addressed it is special for Kinmen having deep bound between military and civilian that the local resource is always for everyone. We are really grateful for the active support from all civilian in these days. At this moment our goal is to restore the civilian’s daily life and we appeal to everyone for encouragement.