Defense News


MND addressed today (Sep. 16) that due to the coming typhoon Malakas it has deployed 26,458 men with primary equipment including 12 aircrafts, 121 vessels, 280 armor vehicles, 1,955 wheel-rolling vehicles and 1,272 engineering machines. To execute rescuing tasks in mountain area, Army Airborne has arranged 22 groups consisting of 128 men standing by. 10 groups of them, totally 56 men, were detached to 4 locations called Da-tong, Nan-ao in Yilan, Wu-lai in New Taipei, Fu-hsing in Taoyuan, in case of necessary support.

MND said five locations of totally 301 civilians have been evacuated by the ground forces from Nan-ao and Da-tong in Yilan, Shiu-lin, Wan-rong, Feng-bin in Hualien. The ground forces also helped pile up 2,100 sand bags at 2 locations named Li-ze-jian beach and Nan-ao in Yilan. Air Force has also detached one flight of C-130 aircraft to carry out the transport mission for 70 passengers from Nan-gan in Ma-zu. 51 locations including Hsin-cheng in Hualien, Da-tong in Yilan and Wu-feng in Hsin-chu in Second and Third Combat Area would have the support of 888 men on Sep 17th.

MND further indicated the recovery work for the last typhoon is still ongoing. There are 4,425 men deployed and 6 categories of 202 vehicles set to facilitate Ping-tong, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taitung, Pong-hu and Kinmen for restoring and sanitizing the environment. Kinmen Defense division, Second and Fourth Combat Area would receive men power of 3,999.

MND emphasized the military would keep up-to-date with the weather information in the face of typhoon Malakas in order to respond as fast as possible to minimize the damage.