Defense News


MND today (Sep. 13) has said that due to the potential impact by “Typhoon Meranti” the General Chief of Staff, General Yen, has held a real-time emergent meeting at 0800 in MND to deploy the resources in the face of the typhoon. And the response centre was set up at 0830. Army vice Commander, General Chen, would station in Battle Area 4 (Southern Taiwan); Army vice Chief-of-Staff, General Huang, would station at Taitung command division and vice commander of Battle Area 3, General Fu, would be in charge of Lan-Yang command division. They are all prepared to response in time and provide support for the nations.

MND indicated that around 33,000 men are standing by with 3912 vehicles and 129 vessels. In addition, 14 Marine AAV7s has been deployed at Taoyuan, Su-ao, Chia Yi, Tainan, Fang Shan, Heng Chun. Another 4 Clouded-Leopard Armour vehicles are prepared at Tung Shih and Pu Tzu in Chia Yi. Air Force has offered S-70C, EC-225 totally 15 aircrafts in position. For those vulnerable areas subject to landslide and flood, e.g. Hsin Cheng and Hsiu Lin in Hualian, An Ping and Chi Ku in Tainan, Chia Hsien and Namaxia in Kaohsiung, Lin Pien and Chia Tung in Pingtung, Hsin Yi and Jen Ai in Nantou, totally 102 areas would be supported by 2313 men to facilitate the local government.

MND further instructed Army Airborne to assemble 24 Recon teams with totally 143 men heading to Da Tung in Yilan, Namaxia in Kaohsiung and Hsin Yi in Nantou totally 19 areas in danger in order to provide extraction, gather essential intelligence of disaster and take rescuing mission.

For enhancing the capacity of emergent medical attention, all military hospital arranged 21 medical teams, 126 medical staff to support the civilians and military personnel with medical care. Besides, those counties during the call-off day can have fully access to military hospitals. To take care of the demand of relocating the civilians, totally 92 sites can be available for maximum refugees around 41,000 people.

MND put emphasis on its preparation and deployment and maintains alert for the track of typhoon to flexibly manage the resources to secure the nation.