Defense News


Army Sixth Regiment today (Sep. 12) has revealed the detail of “Officer Visiting in 542 Brigade”. Those gossiped content such as “refurnishing the dining area for Officer Visiting”, “trimming grass a month before the visiting”, “NT$100,000 deficit in meal fee”, and “irregular shift of the troop” are groundless accusations.

Army Sixth Regiment said the environmental management is the routine job of each subunit and the plan to refurnish the dining area was proposed in 2015 and approved with the budget in this year 2016 and carried out according to the schedule, which was not involved in the visiting. Also all accounts of meal fee have been inspected that there is no deficit in any one of them. The staff working for the daily meal have been cracking on creating new dishes, which is a long-term task not for specific time or person.

Army Sixth Regiment emphasised that all members in 542 Brigade take regular holiday. When it comes to normal shift and standby status, the officers are keen to elucidate the situation and re-arrange the shift accordingly. There is no complaint received for now and the access to reasonable interpretation is always welcome to everyone. Please feel free to show some support to the military.