Defense News


For the incident “Breach of contract of mooncakes” reported, Air Force HQ says it was a warm-hearted idea of Song Shan command division as the coming-up Moon Festival. It asked PCAMR for 1900 mooncakes on August 29th, but due to the concern of over-ordering it had reduced the amount to 900. However, there was error in the communication which unwittingly caused misunderstanding. It is not a breach of contract and MND is very sorry for all inconvenience.

Air Force HQ says PCAMR and itself are both fully dedicated to the charity groups of the society. The error this time has been explained to the staff Mr. Lee by the commander of Song Shang command division and commander himself will pay a visit to PCAMR to give his regards.

The HQ emphasized its apology for the misunderstanding because of the error in the communication. The Air Force will keep its warm heart to show full support to charity groups and purchase their products all the time.