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The misfiring incident happened on July 1st on a navy vessel, Jin-Jiang, causing the death of a captain fisherman and brought the limelight of the society and the international. MND is hereby expressing the sincere apology.

After the incident MND and Navy Command Centre had reflected itself by holding three press conferences to explain the detail and penalty of relevant personnel during the time from 1030 to 1900 on July 1st. Due to the discussion among websites and media giving unrealistic and inaccurate theory, MND had come up with Q&A section to provide the correct information on global website to clear the rumors. (http://www.mnd.gov.tw)

1.    There is a strong inquiry why Sergeant Kao could fire the highly-classified Hsiung-Feng-III missile alone. Is it possible a “skeptical theory” was involved in or black permission by other Officers on the ship?
a.    According to the procedure the missile can be launched by one single man when the whole system is fully set, only if the Weapon Officer and Controlling Chief Sergeant should implement the full inspection to ensure the safety.
b.    On the day July 1st the ship was preparing the Examination and thus the missile system was fully set, but the Weapon Officer and Chief Sergeant were not onsite for inspection and left Sergeant Kao alone on the post.
c.    In pursuit of perfect performance Sergeant Kao practiced the procedure alone and incorrectly set the system in Combat Model, causing the misfiring.
d.    In upshot, the misfiring incident was a result of Captain, Weapon Officer and Controlling Chief Sergeant disregarding the SOP to inspect onsite. The ship was not in accordance with the discipline plus full set of the system and the mistake of selecting the Combat Model. This incident was caused because of a series of mistakes, instead of the rumors saying “skeptical theory”.

2.    For the incident to what extent Navy is going to proceed to prevent the similar misfiring from happening again?
A:There has been an order for all similar missile units to fully reflect the SOP and strongly request the discipline and training for personnel. MND is going to begin the inspection and educating session next week in each unit. 

3.    When President Tsai is on tour, can the three Forces carry out any important or live-fire practice?
A:When the President is on tour, the three Forces keep the scheduled operation. Jin-Jiang ship’s A-level practice is a single-vessel Examination not a war-game subject.

4.    Why didn’t the self-destruction work but cause the unfortunate incident after missile in the air?
A:Regularly the self-destruction includes outer and inner one. In a practice or test the outer self-destruction will be installed to ensure safety and the destructive order can be given to missile at any time; while the armed missile only has inner one and the launched missile was not for practice or test.

5.     Rumor says Sergeant Kao even hailed the launch. Is it a fact?
A:Through the investigation there was no such hail so no, it’s not a fact.


6.    Rumor says Sergeant Kao was Facebooking after the launch and didn’t care about the seriousness. Is it a fact?
A:His phone was under control right after the incident happened. The rumor says nothing about the fact.

7.    The fisherman on the damaged fishing boat said after the hit there were only helping vessels of Coast Guard Administration onsite without any military support and helicopter. Any explanation?
A:After the misfiring Navy swiftly deployed one Ji-Yang-class vessel, one Jin-Jiang-class vessel, four missile speedboats and two S-70C helicopters to the targeted sea area for searching and also called Coast Guard Administration for support.

8.    As the moment of misfiring there was an ammo-supplying vessel about to anchor and the prow was only 150 meters away from missile. Is it a fact?
A:Through investigation there was no ammo-supplying vessel around at that moment. The report is not true.

9.    Why no explosion when the missile hit the fishing boat?
A:The missile is designed to hit military vessels. The structure of the fishing boat is light and vulnerable so that the impact is not strong enough to ignite the warhead.

10.    Why did the captain fail to keep the launch keys in safety?
A:There is no launch key for this type of missile system and no need to control the launch through any key. What former captain Mr. Liu Li Shr said “there are lots of steps to launch a missile and the launch key should belong to captain…” was a wrong perspective and it is unfortunate that he knows so little about the system and misleads the society.

11.    Media said Sergeant Kao was Facebooking at 1530 on July 1st. Is it a fact?
A:Through the investigation of Navy Command Centre Sergeant Kao was under detention meeting with Lin lieutenant Colonel from MND’s Inspection sector and was not Facebooking.