Defense News


Regarding the media report of “Maladjustment? Special Forces Soldier Falls to Death”, the Aviation and Special Forces Command expressed that, a Private First Class, surnamed Lv, had fallen to his death for reasons unknown at Sun Spring Resort, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County today (28th) at 0700 am. The case is currently under investigation by the Jiaoxi Police Station.

The Aviation and Special Forces Command indicated that, having completed his parachute training on March 28th this year, the private, surnamed Lv, had reported to his military unit on April 20th and had exhibited no unusual behavior in camp. However, the private revealed his intention to quit the military to his superiors in mid-July. After counseling and guidance, the private submitted his application in August 2nd and the military unit processed the application in accordance with the standard operating procedures. On August 23rd, the order that he was suffering from maladjustment was issued and submitted to the Command Headquarters for approval. All processes were conducted in compliance with the operating regulations without any delays.

Expressing sorrow at the unfortunate incident, the Aviation and Special Forces Command will offer its full cooperation with the police authorities in the case investigation and assist the families with the handling of subsequent matters. The case is now being adapted as a case study to educate the military personnel on the preciousness of life and prevent similar incidents from happening again.