Defense News


The Ministry of National Defense expressed today (25th) that, in order to expand the success of the domestic production of indigenous fighters, and further promote the implementation of the indigenous production policies, the Ministry plans to organize the “Aviation Industry Development Forum” at National Cheng Kung University on August 26th, hosted by Deputy Minister of National Defense Lieutenant General Bo Hong-Hui, Tainan Mayor Lai Ching-Te and Legislator Wang Ding-Yu will arrive personally to give theme speeches.

The Ministry indicated that, the theme speeches of “Promoting the Development of Aviation Industry Based on the Future Visions of the Overall Planning of the Domestic Production of Indigenous Fighters” and “Converging Industrial, Academic, and Research Resources to Support the Development of the Aviation Industry” will be used as the themes for the forum discussion. In addition, the committee members of the Foreign and National Defense Committee, Legislative Yuan, representatives of related departments, local universities, as well as the management supervisors of aviation related industries are also invited to participate in the forum so as to broaden the influx of suggestions from the industrial, government, academic, and research sectors to be used as reference for the “Development Strategies for National Defense Industries”.

The Ministry stressed that, in order to promote the autonomy in national defense and the development of national defense industries, a national defense industry development task force is established. Under the conditions of adequate support for indigenous fighter production, such as domestic talents, technology, equipment, and time, the Ministry of National Defense may promote the domestic production of indigenous fighters in accordance with our national defense demands so as to establish an independent and autonomous national defense. At the same time, through the integration of industrial, government, academic, and research technology and resources, the Ministry can actively convert the research successes and share the successes with the private industries to promote the common development of national defense and national economy.