Defense News


Regarding the media report of “Apache and Cobra Helicopters Fail to Strike Targets During Han Kuang Exercise”, the Army Command Headquarters clarified today (23rd) that the 30 guns and missiles are weapons of area effect and that the firing exercise had encompassed the target area.

The Army Command Headquarters indicated that the weapon firing and suspension lifting of the helicopter are the equipment-swapping training items of the UH-60M and UH-60M helicopters. In accordance with the building plans of new forces, the Army is conducting a live-firing test in conjunction with the Han Kuang Exercise. Although the two helicopter models are currently not yet fully implemented in the military structure, training has never been disrupted and the Han Kuang Exercise is also part of the training program. The military personnel participating in the exercise are proud to be a part of the training as they dedicate their utmost efforts in the training in the hopes of becoming a strong force. Their efforts will also need to the continued support from the citizens of Taiwan.

The Army Command Headquarters stressed that, the exercise will put the training progress of joint combat warfare to the test to verify its efficacy and allow for the identification of room for future improvements. The Army will humbly accept any criticisms and reviews to ensure improvements and live up to the expectations of the people.