Defense News


The Ministry of National Defense expressed today (18th) that, after the 2017 central government budget was approved through the resolution of the Executive Yuan, NT$ 321.7 billion was allocated for national defense. In order to effectively achieve the aims of national defense policies, the Ministry will prioritize the expenditure in human resource, main weapons and equipment maintenance, and military procurement from the United States in accordance with the legal obligations, as well as implement policies such as “Indigenous Development of Taiwan Fighter Planes and Battleships” and research and development in national defense technology. The national defense budget had increased by NT$ 1.6 billion as compared to the budget approved for 2016 as it included the expenditure for needs, such as the replacement of old combat gear of the base level forces and the improvement of military personnel facilities.

During the proposal of the overall national budget, the Presidential Office and Executive Yuan had viewed the needs of national security as one of primary importance. After consideration of factors, such as the overall financial and economic development of the country, it was decided that the military budget shall adopt a steady and healthy growth in quota. In addition, the Executive Yuan promised that, for any major procurement in future, the Executive Yuan will review the mobilization of reserve funds or allocating additional funding to support the procurement so as to demonstrate Taiwan’s determination for self-defense.

The Ministry of National Defense stressed that, due to the needs of institutional changes and military building, the Ministry will continue to seek for increase in funding actively so as to strengthen the overall combat effectiveness and improve military recruitment and retention rate. The Ministry will also abide by the principles of “Effective Utilization for Advantages” to establish a strong national defense force to safeguard the peace and stability of the Taiwan Straits and national security.