Defense News


The Army Command Headquarters expressed today (18th) that due to public concerns that the crash accident of the 564 Armor Brigade tank of the 8th Army Corps is due to the old condition of the tank. Evaluations have shown that the mainstream CM11 tanks in service now are in compliance with the combat demands. In 2003, the ROC Army had conducted full performance upgrades and maintenance operations, established comprehensive maintenance and repair mechanisms to ensure equipment availability. Investigations have revealed that the tank in case had completed the performance upgrades and maintenance in 2003 and passed the various inspections before participating in the exercise and before the actual test.

The Army Command Headquarters stressed that the case investigation is now led by Pingtung District Prosecutors Office, third-party notary organizations and expert technicians. The cause of accident will be disclosed after the prosecutors have completed the forensics and inquest, so the Army Command Headquarters would like to request the public from jumping to conclusions.

To express its sorrow for the unfortunate accident of 564 Armor Brigade, the Army Command Headquarters is currently conducting additional inspections on the various types of tanks in addition to devoting efforts in the handling of the following matters to ensure the successful completion of the various exercise missions.