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Now is in Wednesday 17 Jan 2018

Defense News


Regarding the media report of “Air Force and Han Xiang Hold Different Claims over Military Waste Explosion”, the Air Force Command Headquarters expressed today (17th) that inventory results of the similar explosive materials conducted by the Air Force showed that the quantity conforms with the accounts of the logistics department of the Army and the actual quantity of waste reported for discard, so there are no issues of leakage of explosive materials. In addition, according to the comparison of records provided by the contractors and the Air Force record, the waste materials that caused the explosion are not obtained from the Air Force. In addition, the Air Force has not signed any contracts with Zhen-Li Resource Recycling Company or Wei-Ji Industrial Company regarding the disposal of waste materials. Wei-Ji Industrial Company expressed that it had a contractor relationship with Han-Xiang Company for the disposal of waste materials.

The Air Force Command Headquarters further expressed that, the disposal of waste materials in the Air Force Command Headquarters is conducted in compliance with the “Regulations Governing and Air Force Aircraft Ejection and Explosive Material Management” to destroy any military supplies that are expired or nearing the expiry date. The Air Force Command Headquarters will offer cooperation in the subsequent investigations.