Defense News


The Army Command Headquarters expressed that a CM11 tank belonging to the 564 Armor Brigade of the 8th Army Corps had accidentally crashed into the Wangsha River on its way back to military base following the completion of a live-fire exercise mission. The cause of the accident is currently investigation by a task force led by the Army Command Headquarters.

The Army Command Headquarters indicated that, after the accident, besides contacting the family members of the soldiers in the accident, the Commander of the 8th Army Corps, Lieutenant General Ji, also arrived on scene to direct the rescue operations. At 11:22am, the trapped soldiers were rescued in succession, amongst which the driver, Private Specialist Yang only suffered from minor injuries while other personnel, Staff Sergeant Chen, Corporal Chen, and Private First Class Chang were pronounced dead after sent for emergency treatment. First Lieutenant Wu is currently still under treatment in the hospital. The case is now being investigated by Pingtung District Prosecutors Office.

Commander in Chief of the Army Command Headquarters, General Chiu Kuo-Cheng expressed his sorrow for the loss of lives and injuries sustained during the execution of the exercise mission. In addition to arriving in person to console the families and visit the injured personnel, General Chiu also instructed the military offer full assistance in pension and compensation, as well as requested the assistance of the hospitals in the treatment of the injured personnel. In addition, he also tasked the Deputy Commander-in-chief Lieutenant General Chen to lead a task force to investigate the causes and assist the judicial departments in case investigation.

The Army Command Headquarters expressed that, they shall reflect on the causes of the accident and request all departments to expand the scope of driving safety education for all mobile units to prevent similar incidents from happening again.