Defense News


The Ministry of National Defense expressed today (16th) that the general direction of the “voluntary recruitment” promoted by the ROC military will remain unchanged. Although the number of military volunteers has showed a steady increase due to the various efforts, careful evaluation of the various departments of the armed forces has showed that the troops of the army forces on the outlying islands, main combat forces, navy fleets and marine forces are still inadequate to satisfy the national security demands.

The Ministry stressed that the country needs an adequate military force to protect the security of the country. In accordance with Article 24 and Article 34 of the Act Of Military Service System, the Ministry will continue to recruit 9,600 draftees (8400 in Ministry of National Defense, 1000 in Coast Guard Administration, and 200 in National Security Bureau) born before 1993 (inclusive) in 2017. As for draftees born after 1994 (inclusive), the current policy of 4 months of military training for standing military service will remain unchanged.