Defense News


The Ministry of National Defense expressed today (13th) that a report was received from the National Search and Rescue Center at 2330 hours on the 12th that a woman on Lanyu Island, Taitung County had suffered a stroke and had to be transferred to Mackay Memorial Hospital Taitung Branch, thus requesting the use of military S-70 aircraft for transportation.

After receiving the report, the Ministry of National Defense dispatch the S-70C aircraft (Z-493) from the Zhi-Hang Air Base to conduct the mission. The aircraft departed at 2350 and arrived in Lanyu Airport at 0024 to pick up the patient. Taking off again at 0029, the aircraft carried the patient, 1 family member and 1 caregiver and returned to Zhi-Hang Air Base at 0053. The patient was transferred to Mackay Memorial Hospital Taitung Branch for emergency treatment, thus concluding the mission successfully.