Defense News


The Ministry of National Defense expressed today (10th) that at 0140 hours, they received a report from the National Search and Rescue Command Center which was transferred from the TAMCC that a fisherman on a Chinese fishing boat, “Min-Shi-Yu 071129”, located 60 nautical miles northeast of Songshan, was struck by cable, and had suffered external injuries on the hands. Although unconscious, the personnel still had vital signs, thus the boat requested for assistance from the ROC search and rescue aircraft.

After receiving the report, the ROC military promptly dispatched the S-70C aircraft (K-493) from the Chia-Yi Air Base to conduct the mission. The aircraft took off at 0229, and at 0350, the aircraft reached its destination and implemented the suspension lifting operation for the personnel. After completing the operation at 0435, the aircraft returned to Songshan Air Base at 0508. The patient was delivered for emergency treatment by the Taipei City Fire Department ambulance, thus concluding the rescue mission successfully.